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Upcoming Events in North Carolina!

by admin on November 17, 2014

Mission: M25 would like to bring attention to a couple of events for those in the North Carolina area:

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Boot Campaign

by Gary Burd on November 6, 2014

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October 9, 2014
Is it a dream? 
Can it be achieved? 
What about ISIS? Ebola? Big government?
In my devotion this morning the subject came up of courage not being the same as fearlessness. 
  • Can be worked up
  • As John Wayne stated: “it is getting in the saddle, even when you are scared”. 
  • Courage can be lived out while being scared to death. 
  • Free from man’s approval
  • Free from death or peril
  • A life full of peace
1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love.
  • Living free of fear of man and his approval
  • Living free of fear of peril or death because HIs love for us abounds. 

Yet there is this scripture:

Ecclesiastes 12:13, That’s the whole story. Here now is my final conclusion: Fear God and obey his commands, for this is everyone’s duty.

We seem to have preached freedom from fear with the words, respect and revere. Yes, the Hebrew word can be translated like this, however, our country needs a good dose of ‘fear’ of God. Fear Him enough that we keep His commandments. We seem to be overrun with the attitude that we can do as we please and still have His blessings on our life. People go and party when facing surgery and then ask for Him to be with them during the surgery and bring peace and healing. Really? 

People have been astonished when I speak of my fear. They think there is an absence of any fear in my life. The Holy Spirit has given the ability to muster courage but fear is still present at times. 

When Matthew 25:41-46 became non-negotiable, became a command, Holy Spirit courage was found to get outside the comfort zone. In the beginning fear of bars, bikers, prisons, homeless people, etc made me want to hit the ‘return to four walls button’. There were all kinds of justifications, 1) People inside need a pastor; 2) the demands of administration were heavy; 3) we must help people walk in sanctification; 4) what if death is lurking around the corner and there is so much yet to be done; but at the end of the day, it the driving force was fear of life ‘out there’.

Then there came a second round of fear: the fear of the church. Oh the paralysis that is standing at the door when the message is counter ‘church’. This fear is probably the worse of all. the fear of those you love, those you respect, those you admire, those you wanted to ‘be like’. The fear of family, what will they think? The fear of people misunderstanding your motive (He is trying to make a name for himself). 

Is fear still present: ABSOLUTELY! 

Does the Holy Spirit still have to inspire courage – A RESOUNDING YES! 

Love has not been perfected yet in my life but I am trying to achieve it. 

Is it possible that a little of the fear of man still remain to keep me in check? Could it be that it keeps me humble? Could it be the reminder of my reliance upon Him? 

Whatever the situation, paralyzing fear must face Holy Spirit courage in my life and my Fear of God must keep me willing and obedient! 

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Biker Sunday / Toys For Tots

September 29, 2014

BIKER SUNDAY – A SECULAR EVENT HELD ENDING AT CHURCHWe began with a ‘normal’ church service – several hundred were present, many of the regulars did not come but there were so many from around the country. Some of them, it is the ‘few’ times they atten…

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The God of Miracles

September 16, 2014

Assignment: Read the book of Acts for our prayer retreat.

My silent cry: Lord, let me see something different from the reading than what I been seeing. Lord, why can’t I read things that are light, fun, lifting, rather than things that deal with Warfare. Everything I put my hands to, things read by others they want to shout and rejoice, adds fuel to my heart, WE ARE AT WAR! Please understand, I am not referring to ISIS type of war (exclusively) but Spiritual War. We must be taken to our knees, 2 Chronicles 7:13, so that we can experience 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Hungry for the Miraculous God to show up is lurking in many of our souls. Where is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob? Where is the Holy Spirit that ‘healed many’ in the book of Acts? Where is the power of God that could heal a nation from Ebola?

Reading “Forty Days With The Holy Spirit”, day 32, the author says: If the Holy Spirit were to return to the church at that level of power—as I myself expect will come one day—we can expect this sort of thing to happen again.

Thought immediately: God, when will you return the power of Peter and John at the temple, ‘silver and gold have I none but take up your bed and walk’.

Is God waiting for a people that will not do a seven point teaching on how to get that power? Is He looking for a people that will simply say, ‘It is not by our power or godliness that this happens’?

Is God waiting for a people that will trust Him first instead of last?

Are we living in a time when He has withheld them from the American church because of our abuse?

Is this the first level of 2 Chronicles 7:13 – a drought of miracles, come on, real miracles? Not those we see orchestrated that people ‘lose’ because of a lack of faith?

Then the thought of Acts 5 flooded my thoughts: Peter, flowing under the same faucet of power that caused a lame man to walk, confronted a man and woman filled with greed, deceit and lies with their sin and they died on the scene. Wow, did you read that list, GREED, DECEIT, LIES. The church world is full of those sins. “Ministries” are built on them. People in the pew have come to expect it from the leadership and leaders have become tolerant of those in the pew.

We must inject here: The church has made greed not only acceptable but a promise of the Bible. God wants you to have…… Jesus came to earth to make you happy…… COME ON – REALLY? While the harvest field is ripe unto harvest, while the world is positioned for the NEED of a Savior, we believe He is concerned about our bellies, possessions, etc?

Integrity – what a novel idea. I will never take for the 8,178 miles we (Gene Adee and myself) rode with those four virtues from the “Loop of Life” from the Lakota Indians, Honor – Respect – Integrity – Compassion.

Are we ready for the miracles of God?

Are we ready for the pain the Holy Spirit will bring – as well as the healing, the deliverances, the joy.


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Boy / Man

September 12, 2014

Childish?My wife Carolyn has traveled many motorcycle miles with me and had to ‘endure’ guys just hanging out. How many times have she stated, ‘you are a bunch of overgrown kids’, all the while smiling or laughing herself. She enjoys the joy of the mom…

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The Quit

September 8, 2014

This picture was taken on July 31, 2014, (actually August 1), 1:20 am – 8,178 miles from Key West, FL. We had ridden 1124 miles that day on 3.5 hours of sleep. Exhausted, yet so excited! We did it, Gene Adee and I had accomplished the finish line in Ho…

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Grace – Grace, Never Again – Never Again

September 7, 2014

We have shouted the words, NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN, in five different rallies. Ottawa, CA  (on Parliament Hill); Dallas, TX (in front of the Cotton Bowl); Wytheville, VA (in the park on the main drag through town); Atlanta, GA (downtown at Centen…

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