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Run for the Wall 2011 Day 3 05/20/2011

May 22nd, 2011 · 1 Comment



You just cannot get better weather than the upper 70’s to ride a motorcycle – clear skies. That was the kind of glorious day we had until we arrived in Pecos, TX – then it was hot. That was good also – no complaints on our end. No wrecks – no breakdowns – just 354 miles of riding.

We are so excited about the way God is using our service – our water – our gatorade – our presence – our smiles – to touch people who are hurting. We watch as God uses the little things we do to make big impacts. The ear to listen – I read in some ‘book’ that we were to be quick to listen and slow to speak – wow – you think the Bible knew what it was talking about? Little inexpensive gifts that make a huge impact – a card that brings a tear – a hug that is returned. God has really allowed us the privilege of serving some of the real heroes of our nation. I rode behind one for a while today – I did not do a great job of riding my bike due to thinking of who I was following. At times I feel like a little kid looking up to this hero. He is one of those guys that is not mouthy but when he speaks, people around him stop and listen. His words carry a huge impact and he directed some of them to me today – in such a great way.

Chaplain Moore lead the devotion tonight from ‘My Utmost For The Highest’ on ‘Being Exhausted Spiritually because we allow people who have not learned to receive the nourishment from God directly have to get it from you. We should be spent every day – not from chasing our dreams, our agendas but from serving people and giving to them the things that they need spiritually. Then we get alone with God and listen to some worship, read some of the Word of Life, spend time in prayer and meditation being refreshed so we can do it again the next day. After it was over we had 30 minutes of guys telling stories of how God had used them today. You have never been in a testimony service any more powerful than the one I was in tonight. It all hinged on the fact we are here to serve – to just meet people with no agenda. We are not trying to build a ‘body count’ on how many confessions of faith we received, we are not trying to build our church attendance – we are simply out here serving and loving people – I think that is what Jesus did?!? You know what really makes it great – the folks on RFTW 2011 are allowing us this honor. We all truly believe it is just that – an honor to be out here!

I have included some pictures of our day, some of our stops and one of our banner on the back of the trailer. I am so excited and honored that people would take their money and give it to this cause. May God bless each and every church that contributed. It is awesome. You will see our guys serving water and snacks also.

Finally, we at Mission:M25 out here on RFTW want to thank all of you who are praying for all the the folks on the run. We all need it – we all desire it and we are all VERY thankful for every prayer that you have prayed. May God richly bless each and everyone of you.

Shepherd (Gary Burd)


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  • 1 Greg Amos // May 23, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Thanks Gary and team for the way you represent Jesus so well in what you are doing during RFTW!

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