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Honor – PFC Gordon

August 18th, 2014 · No Comments

The leader of our trip to Eastend Canada, Les Williams sent this to us today. It caused me to think of Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge and the four virtues of the hoop of life, the first being honor. Carolyn is laying her ‘challenge coin’ on the coffin as did all of the Run For The Wall riders as a sign of honor. 

Honor is something that is not earned or merited by behavior. It is something you give due to an individual’s place in the community. Honor for PFC Lawrence Gordon was based upon the fact he was a KIA (Killed In Action) and a MIA (Missing In Action) fighting against an aggressive and evil regime. For almost seventy years he lay in a foreign land with his family wondering where he was. 
Why do we honor a man who will never know that we made that ride? There was plenty of time to reflect on this during the 1400 plus mile ride on a motorcycle, one way. Here is what surfaced:
We honored him for his family sake. We wanted to bring healing to his family. 
We honored him for the community’s sake. As we rode through towns like Turner, Havre and Eastend, people standing and waving and holding flags brought the tears. The old farmers, not standing so erect but saluting as we passed with great pride. There was no doubt healing was being happening by honoring this war hero. 
We honored him for the nations sake. It just kept surfacing during the ride inside my soul. Lord bring healing to our nation of men and women who feel forgotten due to the political and social environment of days gone by. Lord bring healing to a nation of men and women who grieve because they feel their loved one that was killed or wounded or is MIA and has been forgotten. 
Then it rose up inside of me: Lord what if we honored you as you deserve? Seeing we live in a religious system that allows people to ‘yell’ at God; curse His holy name; mix Him up with ‘strange gods’; give Him part of our life rather than fully commit to Him; etc. In my journey over the past twenty years there has been so much come from within due to a simple move, “I HONOR GOD”. I honor God because He is God, creator, redeemer, sustainer, and life giver. God was a partner in my creation, Jeremiah states that while I was being formed in my mothers womb, He was putting my inward parts together. What more does He need to do for me? He has done it all! 
If we truly honored Him rather than giving Him ‘lip service’, 
Could we bring healing to families that are confused and feel ‘overlooked and ignored’, Mt 25:38-40 MSG? 
Could we bring healing to communities that are being filled with strange gods and are living in a state of apostasy? 
Could we possibly be so bold to believe we could bring healing and hope to a nation that is like a ship without a rudder in the middle of an ocean during a storm? 
How about it, join me in the decision I made on Hoka Hey Motorcycle to “Honor” God to new levels? Let’s see what God will do then! 
Oh, let us save our ‘yelling’ for the times we need to “YELL FOR GOD”! Remember Peter drowning in the lake, He yelled out and the Lord saved him. What about the blind man Bartimaeus? What about the lepers?  


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