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Never Again – Day 5

September 2nd, 2014 · No Comments

Never Again Pledge 

Atlanta, GA

The Sabra Riders, Jewish Motorcycle Association members, planned an incredible day. At 8:30 am sharp we departed our motel for the rendezvous location of the other riders and the awaiting police force. The traffic was 6 lanes each way, bumper to bumper but with the aid of CB radios and constant communication, we were able to get everyone there without a hitch. 

Before departing for the Centennial Park downtown Atlanta, there was short briefing by the President and the police. It was so special after the Hebrew blessing that I was allowed to pray a Christian prayer. The love and respect is growing daily. 
Upon arrival we were greeted by the Color Guard of the Atlanta Police and a few citizens who wanted to see what this event was all about. Not long and we were in the ceremony. 
I was called forward to represent the Christians in this joint effort the words of Zechariah was flowing. The words of the old prophet rang across the park as I quoted from the fourth chapter, ‘not by might nor by power but by my spirit’ and then stating Israel has experienced His favor many times. We are going to believe today that instead of us activating this favor by yelling Grace, Grace, we were going to believe yelling, Never Again, the power of God would be released. 
Then Hershel Greenblat, a Jewish Russian, was brought to the stage and moved us all by his speech. He lost both sets of grandparents and many extended family members in the Holocaust. He had a very tenacious father who hid them in the caves, where he was born. He was moved as he stated their memories would not be forgotten and the way they died because of what we were doing on Never Again. Carolyn and I were honored to get a picture with him. 
There was a special presentation made by Rod, president of the Sabra Riders to Howard and I. We were given a patch and flag from the club which represented lifetime membership. Then Rod gave a moving memorial speech in memory of Michael Thomas who put most of this event together before his death. 
I have repeated the pledge with Andy Retti many times now, but today, in the sweltering heat, as he spoke of his love and appreciation for his Christian brothers and sisters, I was moved at a new level of understanding of this ride. 
We mounted our ‘iron horses’ and headed for Lake City, FL. The heat was extremely rough until we hit the storm 70 miles short of our motel, where we encountered rain and some lightning. It is good to be in an air-conditioned room. 
At a fuel stop I was approached by a man who wanted to talk motorcycles. He was excited when he heard of our effort and then the conversation went to Run For The Wall. He became very excited and shared that he was a Vietnam Veteran. As the conversation continued I discovered that he had been robbed and was trying to get home. His family was on a cruise and could not be reached. It was obvious by appearance that this man was being honest, so it was my idea to get the guys to help with some fuel. He never asked and was embarrassed that we were doing it, all the while be grateful. We took up enough money to get him on his way and to fill his tank one more time which should get him home. As we were pumping gas he pulled out his cap that spoke of his love for Jesus and his Bible. He did not share these until after we had started filling the truck. It really feels good to be used to meet a need! 
Please know we appreciate any and all prayers as we make our last 340 miles tomorrow to Boca Raton, FL
Gary Burd, M25 National Director


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