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Never Again – Day 7 –

September 4th, 2014 · 1 Comment

Today was the finale – Boca Raton, FL

A great rally outside, in front of the Rail Car from Germany by about 100 people. The car could not be guaranteed to have carried Jewish people to their death but was from that era and location. They stated it could have been used to transport military supplies. Carolyn is pictured inside the car reading the many historical facts on the walls.

The Jewish flavor was much greater and we certainly appreciated the Rabbi as he spoke, sang, and blew the Shofar! All of the music today was live – all anthems and Jewish songs of mourning and rejoicing.

There will be much more to post tomorrow on the banquet tonight but two things that I must share with you.

1. Among those honored tonight, I was privileged to be called out to receive a plaque for the M25 Riders sacrifice to make this work. Carolyn and I are so humbled to have the opportunity to ride with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

2. The Boca organizer read an email from his Father-in-Law, a Holocaust survivor. Let me share it with you.

I saw in the news paper the commitments and of pledge riders all my respect to the organizers and the participants
As a survivor of this Terrible  holocaust, it dos gives me a great feeling when I see that some pupil stands op and remembers of what we went trough and do not sit back
This times are so similar to when I was a kid, and we where a  shame to be a Jew,  and we where shipped in cattle cars to be slathered
As you know I did my fighting and gut red of some frustration, but Holocaust memories are in me at all times.
Please tell the bikers thank you for what the are standing up for, I do like tuff guys and I will do support there good work.
Dad A 10450
Tomorrow I will share from Joyce Kaufman, Pamela Geller and more details. 
This has been a very moving experience to say the least. We are already planning on the next Never Again, June 2014! 
Gary Burd, M25 National Director

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  • 1 Redneck Rice // Sep 5, 2014 at 12:43 pm

    It has been awesome following this ride on M25 website!! I am inspired by the comradary between Christians and Jews! GOOD JOB!! Thanks Redneck

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