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Never Again in the rearview mirror

September 5th, 2014 · No Comments

Dessert tonight – the cake was good but the decorations were special

It is 1938 again, and we are all Jews.

The Coptics in Egypt : they are Jews
The Yazidis in Iraq: they are Jews
The Christians in Syria: they are Jews. (Once it was the Christians that demanded of the Jews, “convert or die”. Now, centuries later, they are the Jews!)

The Holocaust was met with incredulity and disbelief, then an unwillingness to interfere in internal affairs, then a fear of making things even worse. And so, as the war-weary civilized world stood by with little more than feeble rationalizations, the Jews of Europe were condemned to extermination. “Never Again”, the Jews said. “Never Again,” the world echoed.

But “again” came to the Cambodians, and to the Bosnians and to the Sudanese. And now “again” has come to the Middle East.

Once again we have an enemy to whom we have responded only with incredulity and disbelief. Once again we have not fathomed the depth of its depravity, the extent of its evil. We have not recognized that its rules are not ours, that it’s values are not ours, that it’s very definition of good and evil is diametrically opposed to ours. Where we find evil in massacres of civilians they find glory. Where we find evil in genocide they find exultation. Where we find evil in decapitation they find holiness and religious purity. Where they do find evil is in freedom of thought and religious tolerance and human dignity. This is truly a clash of civilizations, in which there is no reconciliation, no middle ground, no compromise. Either we will win or they will win.

Now I understand how the Holocaust happened – how it was allowed to happen. There were simply too many risks, too many reasons not to get involved. As Martin Niemoller might say today, ‘They came for the Coptics and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Coptic. They came for the Yazidis and I did not speak up because I was not a Yazidi. They came for the Christians, and I did not speak up because I was not that kind of Christian! And then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak up.

Well, we of the west are now targets, but, unlike the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, we are not helpless; we are actually quite strong. We have the strength to defeat this new evil. But strength and will are very different things. We could have stopped Nazism before the entire world was engulfed in war. WE could have, but we did nothing

It is 1938 again,
Golf anyone?

Speech delivered by emcee Joyce Kaufman. I wanted to print the complete speech.  (The lady in the middle, a prominent radio talk show host in Florida.)

Tonight setting at a fantastic meal served in the local organizer’s home. There was much debate on who we would have as a leader in the USA White House. There was much passionate debate, gay marriages, abortions, national debt, Anti-Semitism, racial issues, etc. They would say, our change will not be done through the election, but then debate passionately again about who to vote for. When they looked at me and asked, “would you vote for… a conservative that is for abortion….” and I stated I would stay home, it was quiet for a moment. Then much conversation was about people who would not vote was allowing the liberals to win.

Never have I been political, nor desire to be. However, the resolve is even deeper in my heart. We must step up and do something or there will be no one to stand for us, when it all comes down. There have been people who have stated History does not have to repeat itself. Well, that is correct, it does not but it will.

It is my firm conviction, very deep conviction, this world will come apart. The USA will collapse under the weight of our own mess. We MUST find ways to light a candle, rather than curse the darkness (become visible and active instead of setting around complaining). Mission:M25 is not huge in numbers, Never Again was not well attended, Christians were too busy doing church, Jewish Rabbi’s tried to keep Jewish people from coming because Christians were there. BUT WE STOOD! WE STOOD TOGETHER! WE STOOD IN DOWNTOWN ATLANTA, ON THE MAIN HIGHWAY IN WYTHEVILLE AND IN A PROMINENT NEIGHBORHOOD IN BOCA RATON! 

Never have there been big numbers of Jews, big numbers of supporters but God always honors His chosen people and the people that stand with them! 

Christians were too busy, things were too risky and the cost too high during the Holocaust. We are there again….. now we ARE the target of much of the sacrifice around the world. We all are comfortable while the Jihadist are gaining ground. 

I was taken back as Howard said, ‘Gary, there were not people, Christians like you during the Holocaust’. As humble as our efforts may be, it is my belief the Jewish community knows there are some who are not afraid! 


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