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Grace – Grace, Never Again – Never Again

September 7th, 2014 · No Comments

We have shouted the words, NEVER AGAIN, NEVER AGAIN, in five different rallies. Ottawa, CA  (on Parliament Hill); Dallas, TX (in front of the Cotton Bowl); Wytheville, VA (in the park on the main drag through town); Atlanta, GA (downtown at Centennial Park) and Boca Raton, FL (in front of box car from WWII)!

It came to me in Atlanta, on the way to the park, that we were following a lead of the Holy Spirit, as instructed in Zechariah 4:6-7.

They had to not rely on their abilities:
1) They could not depend on their might, collective strength, the power of armies, human efforts, etc.
2) Personal ability, mental and physical strength of individuals was not going to be enough.
3) It was by the Spirit of the Lord that this was going to be done.

Yet, they had to do their part, they had to yell, Grace, Grace! This is amazingly foolish. Looking at the task before them, they were to yell grace?

It sprung up within me, we must trust that however ‘ineffective’ this little pledge by the sometimes small crowds seem, if we do our little part, travel the miles, spend the money, wear our bodies down, the Holy Spirit will override our ‘collective’ and “individual’ ability and fill in the weaknesses with His power! As we yelled, NEVER AGAIN – NEVER AGAIN, it is my belief that the Holy Spirit was moving things in behalf of the Jewish people in the Heavens above us. What will be accomplished? Who knows, maybe we will never know until we see a ‘archived’ video in heaven of the work that was done. Jeremiah never seen one convert, do you think eternity reveals it?

What is it you are facing that you have gathered your friends, church family, physical family to help you with that it does not seem to help? What battle are you facing that you cannot seem to conquer in face of all of your mental and physical abilities?

Well, listen to that still small voice inside of you, the Holy Spirit, and then obey. It does not matter how small or great the command is and DO IT! Learn to be obedient at the Master’s command and watch the enemies of your life began to fall, the walls come down and the battles be won!

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