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BALNAM – Showing our Thankfulness

November 27th, 2014 · No Comments

Thanksgiving @ Falcon Children’s Home

Carolyn and I had the distinct joy of participating in the Harvest Train, Falcon, NC. Harvest Train is a tradition reaching out to hurting, abandoned, abused and troubled children in our world. International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) people from Florida to Maryland joined in this opportunity to bring money and commodities to take care of approximately eighty children. The unofficial estimated total of over $300,000 was raised to express our Christian love to those not as fortunate.

A firetruck led the way with the President of Falcon Children’s Home (FCH), Joey Leggett, joined by presiding Bishop, Dr. Doug Beacham led cars, vans, a little passenger train and 25 motorcycles. Young men, trouble children from a military style disciple home twenty miles away marched in front of us, true to form. As we proceeded from the Fire Department, we passed slowly in front of children of all ages awaiting the blessings of candy that was to be given from our vehicles. Most took the time to place the candy in their ‘pillow cases’ being held out, while anxious face was aglow and the smile wide. The tender, ‘thank you’ was such a special moment.

We stopped in the parking lot of three new buildings designed to hold those precious little ladies that now has a blessing from the Lord in her womb. These young ladies also greeted us with a smile and held out a bag. Precious girls not sure how the church world will view them, knowing their transgression of sexual purity was very obvious by the change of her body. What a joy to see a church that loved and did not condemn! A church that does not embrace the sin but loves the transgressor. A church willing to place her resources to express love, not mere words.

The service included a video and words of thanksgiving for the newly dedicated school. This state of art school is for grades 6-12 and is open to not only the children in the home and the girls during and after their pregnancy but to the community.

Mission:M25 was blessed to lead the motorcycles, positioned toward the front of the parade. But this was not all, Harvest Train took another step toward their expression of love for the ‘unwanted’ child by including an appeal to support these new houses for the one still in the womb and one for young ladies and their newborn babies. Pastor Mark Richardson, M25 Pointman for Cornerstone Conference joined me as we roared into the Tabernacle on our Harley Davidson motorcycles from two opposing entries. A near capacity crowd of approximately 3000 was stunned, Mr. Leggett pretended to be surprised as the two bikes stopped in front-center of the stage. When the microphone was handed to me, I briefed the crowd of M25’s mission, reaching out to the overlooked and ignored listed in Matthew 25 and then challenged the people to pray, yes, but become visible with our dis-approval of legalized abortion in our nation. However, the job is not done by only praying and going to Washington DC to march but help must be offered, such as our Royal Home alternative to abortion. There was a video played and then Pastor Richardson presented checks to total $1570 toward the support of the home.

As the motorcycles rumbled during their departure, the microphone was handed to Bishop Beacham who spoke of his leading a stand in Washington DC on January 22, 2015. This will be during the annual “March for Life” in our nations capital. M25 will be leading a group of motorcycles to join him on January 21, departing Falcon, NC. The motorcycles will be carrying a banner with all the church’s, organizations, individuals names on it, called, “50 For Life”. The minimum of $50 is requested to place your name on the banner. The proceeds will go to support the Royal Home, alternative to abortion!

The service concluded with a program, “There Is A Way Out”, put on by the children and staff of FCH that moved the house. The final song was sung by a little boy (6-8 years old) dressed in a dark blue suit with a red handkerchief hanging from his front pocket. His powerful voice rung in the sanctuary which had the crowd standing, crying and shouting.

After dismissal, a meal was served of East Coast Barbecue, chicken tenders, potato salad, cole slaw, hush puppies and deserts.

If at all possible this event should be on your list to attend if you can possibly make it. If not, you need to visit the website and view this great ministry and consider donating to either the Royal Home or Falcon Children’s Home.

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