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Entitlement and Christmas

December 14th, 2014 · No Comments

Santa’s Workshop @ CORK
Christian Heritage Church
December 10, 2014

Christmas is about ‘giving’ but that nature does not come naturally. Pastor Kevin McBride stated while receiving the offering on Sunday morning, December 7, that giving was in God’s nature. The carnal nature is selfishness. No need to teach a child to be stingy, to horde, to hit, scream or cry (or all of the afore mentioned) when another child takes it’s toy, it all comes naturally. Recently watching the movie, ‘Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee’, a young educated Native American states there is no word for ‘own the land’ in any of their languages. Interesting what greedy and self-centered Christians that came to this land ‘taught’ them.  The early church sold their lands and gave their goods and they had all things in common. The new Kingdom of God was trying to address the issue that had became so important, possessions are not the gauge for success in the Kingdom.

We talk about ‘entitlement’ in this country a great deal and yet we continue to promote and use it in this culture. Mother Teresa states that during Thanksgiving and Christmas many of the benevolent ministries or businesses thrive due to people easing their guilt by ‘giving to the poor’. They live in their fancy homes, drive their luxury cars, dress in their latest name brand suit and then come ‘down’ to ‘give back’ and it makes them feel they are not all that bad. Is this all bad, absolutely not, it is a time to share the wealth to a degree. The problem is it is only driving our problem deeper if not balanced.

CORK, the children’s ministry at Christian Heritage Church several years ago under the inspired idea of Dustie Vibbard, Children’s Minister for years at CHC, brought to the table an idea that has addressed the issue. The church gathers items of toys, clothing, etc and sets up tables. The children are brought in by buses or they walk to the church. Awaiting them is the usual hot meal but this Wednesday they will not have a kid’s service, they will ‘GO SHOPPING’! The idea is for them to learn the art of giving. While they do not have the money to purchase the gift, we at least give them the opportunity to think about giving and then to ‘shop’ for their siblings and parents.

There are tables awaiting them manned with men and women, teenagers ready with wrapping paper, tape and assistance to prepare the gift to take home and hopefully put under a tree waiting the big day of opening gifts. They leave with a huge plastic bag of gifts to be given.
Oh, we make sure they have their gifts also! On Christmas Eve morning there will be close to 50 people get together and divide toys out and go in four teams to deliver the toys. One of the best times in the year to ride our motorcycles to lead a group. Parents have told their children, ‘listen for a motorcycle (Harley Davidson’s make a lot of noise), I believe Santa Claus is riding one this year’.
May God help the church to be instrumental in ‘teaching’ our young to give in many ways! May we break the bondage of entitlement and look for it in every crevice of our own hearts.
Thanks Dustie Vibbard for the consistent teaching on giving you have provide for many years at our house!


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