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Christmas M25 Style

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Christmas eve morning brings Biker Sunday / Toys For Tots to a conclusion. On September 28, 2014 thousands of people lined up to bring toys for Biker Sunday / Toys For Tots! An incredible sight to see, rough and tough looking people carrying dolls, little trucks and even dressed like Santa Claus. On December 24, 2014, 60-75 people gathered in a chilly fellowship hall, broke into teams and grabbed the toys for over 170 children. Keith Burd, Ministry Co-ordinator for Hard CORE Motorcycle Ministry and his family head this event. They work and plan, get the routes divided, work with the Marines or in the past couple of years, the Navy, connect the givers with the receivers of these toys. The toys are all bagged when we arrive and ready for delivery, due to Keith working with volunteers to separate a trailer loaded with toys into separate bags with a name on it. 
This year there was a complete line of brand-new sparkling bicycles plus bags of toys everywhere. Matt Lawlis is holding one of the bicycles to be given away. 
A family from Kansas join us when they heard of this great event. 

A couple and friends of Christian Heritage Church dressed the part and was a delightful touch.

Carolyn and I were among those who braved the weather to be ‘Santa on a Harley’. There have been Mom’s share how they told their children, listen close, I hear that Santa is going to be riding a motorcycle this year! The temperatures were soaring all the way up to 36 degrees by the time we finished. 

CHC (Christian Heritage Church) is unique in many ways, not saying all others are wrong by any means, but what sets this church apart is her rolling up sleeves and doing the work MO (Method of Operations). While many churches in this great land were promoting their services, Christmas eve, Christmas Morning. They had spent a lot of money and time drawing people to their house to worship this Child born to us, the Savior of the world. There were other churches taking offerings and using promotional methods to purchase gifts for children, some of the most popular are those who have parents incarcerated.

Jesus states in Matthew 25 that when we for the overlooked and neglected or ‘least of these’, we were touching Him. This day, we were going to touch at least 170 people who represent Jesus! These little guys were ‘Jesus’ needing some love!

As we rode down gravel, dirt and some very nicely paved roads, visited houses from poor run down homes to a very nice apartment in a very nice neighborhood (a single mom), the idea of ‘Unto You is Born a Child’…. Please indulge my thoughts:

Christ Engaged us on this day

“Unto” – He “came” to us! This is huge, He did not stay in a safe, warm, comfortable, exalted place and draw us. He came to a rough carpenter, a young virgin girl. He ‘came’ in humble style, a manger was His bed. 

He made us feel worthy, who otherwise felt unworthy. He made us feel important, meeting our self-esteem need.  

As we rode, my prayer, Lord allow our simple touch of these children and parents feel they are worth our time, our mis-comfort and love. We are not asking them come to us, stand in line with other ‘poor folks’ and then we will give them something. They are worth our going to them. 

Christ Elevated us

“A Savior is born” – now we have a hope and a future. This is not about a life of ease and abundance but a life of eternal hope. He states over and over that He had come to establish a Kingdom, it is one not built by hands, it is one that is eternal. A Kingdom where there will be no more tears, sickness, pain, etc. They like us missed it, they struggled trying to figure how a child was going to destroy Rome and re-establish Israel. 

My prayer today was Lord, you gave the people a ‘taste’ of your Kingdom while you were here on earth and then entrusted the Holy Spirit to reveal who You are and what Your Kingdom is about. 

Lord, please let the ‘taste’ of your love that we are giving, draw these people to a place where the Holy Spirit can reveal the true You and Your Divine Kingdom to them.  Lord let this act of unselfish love of so many people be seed in some people’s lives and water in other people’s lives and may the Holy Spirit bring the increase! 

The above picture is the team we were blessed to be with, Bishop of Great Plains Conference Scott Hampton and family, our son-in-law Jim Reilly and daughter Sasha Reilly and family and Carolyn and I. Not pictured was Mike Woolsey.




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