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Good Men & Women Doing Something

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Good MEN & WOMEN Doing “Something”
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. Oh the truth! Oh how many of us have seen the truth! The beginning of extreme stands, risk and cost to ‘not let evil triumph’ has begun and is rapidly growing in strength, passion and sacrifice. 

Bishop Doug Beacham
Harvest Train
Falcon, NC
Following the lead of an aggressive Presiding Bishop, a man who doesn’t let the four walls imprison him, a man who makes it a priority to Stand for Life (an incredibly difficult schedule to make this trip happen), Dr. Doug Beacham, Mission:M25 has stood the last three years for Life! 
More than a stand “against”, Royal Home Ministries, offers an alternative to young ladies who find themselves in a position where abortion appears to be the only choice. Thanks to the leadership of Joey Leggett, Jonathan Hill and John Wheeler, along with board members, Pastor Mark Richardson (who also serves on the M25 Board) and Pastor Philip Bland, we offer something more than a condemning voice, a voice of Hope and Love. Not only a voice but a physical place that does all within it’s ability to provide housing, support and training to a young lady that is lost in a maze of confusion and hopelessness. 
January 2016, is a time to reflect on the cost of life since that dreadful law was passed to make abortion legal in this nation. As a nation, we not only offer the ‘right’ to the mother but we ‘fund’ it as a nation. Therefore, those of us who believe in life are funding something that we passionately disagree with. There are pro-life rallies all around the country and where we had opportunity, Mission:M25 took the stand! 
Richmond VA Capitol
Our first stand was in Richmond, VA on January 13, 2016. Sgt Rock aka Stephen Walker and I stood amongst some 150 people and listened to a lady who was raised in an Evangelical Christian home but after attending the university, was slowly indoctrinated to accept abortion as an ‘option’ and ‘right’. She ran a Planned Parenthood clinic for eight years, until her eyes were opened during a sonogram abortion of a thirteen week old baby. It had to be one of the best speeches ever heard, full of facts, passion and deep love for all involved. 
It was at Richmond we ran into Dr. David Russell, a veterinarian from Santa Fe, NM who has written the book, “Through My Father’s Eyes”. Another ‘eye opener’ for me! As a M25 minister, the young ladies horrible memories has been a huge concern, as well as the life of the child, now we carry the pain of the Father. While all Fathers are not negatively effected, there are many who wake up 15-20 years later and drown in some addiction to deal with the pain of not providing or protecting their child, even when they had no choice. 
Dallas TX M25 Team
On January 17, a group of Pro-Life supporters climbed into two pickups on a snowy morning and headed to Dallas,TX,from Amarillo, TX. The team was led by Danny Stewart of Christian Heritage Church and M25 leader. This is our third year to stand in Dallas is the place of Roe v Wade took place. It was a 400 mile drive one way, upon the conclusion of the rally and lunch, it was back to Amarillo, TX. 
January 21, Mission:M25 left Falcon, NC, off for DC on motorcycles, after a moving sendoff by Falcon Christian Academy. Children appeared on the porch and held signs of life and a song was sung, prayer prayed and off we roared. There were to be 25-30 motorcycles but impending weather reduced our numbers to those that could be hauled back on the trailers we were taking. The riders were blessed by lunch at Redemption Ministries Conference Center and then off to our lodging for the night. 
January 22, found us under extreme blizzard warnings, historic in size and damage. Our numbers dwindled to around 25, as Bishop Beacham spoke, ‘we are a tithe of our church standing for life’, we were all honored to be that tithe and totally understood those that could not attend. We had a rally ‘inside’, including worship by the Bishop Abel Palomo family, addresses by Bishop Doug Beacham, Director Jonathan Hill, Superintendent of the home and Falcon Children’s Home, Joey Leggett and M25 director Gary Burd, concluding with prayer led by John Wheeler. Then all out to display our banner and make a statement. 
Amarillo TX M25 Team
January 23, found M25 standing in Amarillo, TX, led again by Danny Stewart. It was the first of such rally in Amarillo and we were blessed to be present. 
January 23, also found M25 standing in San Franscisco, CA, M25 leader, Alan Atkins joined by his wife and M/M Jerry Plent from Chino, CA. They stood among a great crowd during the West Coast stand for life. Again, over 400 miles one way and though they normally have good weather, they have TRAFFIC! 
San Francisco, CA M25 Team
As M25 sees it, we have concluded our 50CC Diaper Run, a run from Jacksonville, FL to San Diego, CA in 44 hours and 51 minutes on motorcycles to collect diapers and resources, to bring awareness of the IPHC stand for life and to bring this terrible act against innocent lives to an end. 
Please stay posted, we are increasing the route and time frame of the 2016 version of 50 CC Diaper Run. We will not ‘do nothing’ in the face of the evil that is increasing in the USA! M25 is committed to being the boots on the ground on the fields of adversity in our nation. Thanks for all who have supported and is supporting our efforts. 


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